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The “Hello, I Love You” Stretch

For the last few months, Romeo has been doing this “Oh, I’m so sleepy” stretch every time he sees me.


It happens all the time; in the kitchen, when he gets off the couch, if he’s been upstairs with the kids and comes back down to find me.  At first I thought, awww… he’s so sleepy.  Then I’d wrap my arms around his big, blocky head and give him lots of kisses.  But it started happening so often I thought it may actually mean something — like a term of endearment.

And sure enough, when I googled “dog greeting stretch” what I found confirmed my suspicion:  Romeo loves me! :) :) :)  

Here’s more information about when a dog greets you with a stretch.

The Greeting Stretch

The greeting stretch, or “I love you” stretch as I like to call it, is your dog’s way of saying “Welcome back!  I’ve missed you!  I love you!”  

You will find your dog’s rear end high and his front paws stretched out in front of them.  Their head will be arced back and nose lifted in the air.  This is a very relaxed position.  Your dog’s ears will be relaxed and their eyes may even be squinty.

As casual as it may appear, it’s not a casual move at all!  A dog won’t display this kind of behavior unless they are comfortable with you.  You wouldn’t see your dog doing this to a stranger.  It is reserved only for the people whom he loves the most!  

Kind of cool, right?!

So, tell me… have you ever noticed your dog “bowing” to you?

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Fun Dog Facts

Why Do Your Paws Smell Like Fritos?! No, Seriously!


If you have a dog I’m sure you laughed when you read the title of this article because of how true it is!  Lily’s paws, more than Romeo’s, smell like Fritos or Cheeto’s or popcorn ALL the time.  At this point, I’m so used to it that I kinda enjoy it… haha, gross I know.  And yes, smelling Lily and Romeo’s feet is a daily occurrence so I’ve always wondered, why do they smell like this? 

Since this seems to be a normal thing amongst dogs, there had to be a real reason behind it.

And there is!


Natural Bacteria

Dogs have TONS of bacteria living on their skin.  Even the cleanest dogs can’t escape it.  But the special bacteria that gives off the corn-like, yeasty, salty smell on their feet is called Proteus or Pseudomonas.  Proteus and Pseudomonas are natural bacteria that are found in soil and water, which are picked up by your dogs’ paws.  Mix that with a semi-moist environment and voila: Frito-smelling dog paws!

So, that’s it.  Totally natural and totally safe.  Of course, if the smell is excessive or your dog is excessively licking his paws, I’d make a quick trip to the vet to make sure everything is okay.  You wouldn’t want to leave an infection untreated. 

If not… enjoy those Frito smelling puppy paws all day long :)