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So, welcome.  

Here’s a quick introduction for you; I’m Ashley.  I’m 32.  I live in Cleveland and I love my dogs.

I write a lot about them and our lives with them.  Their names are Lily and Romeo, and most people think I love them more than I love my kids.  But that’s not entirely true…not most days.  Some days, maybe.  Not always, though, and that should say something considering how adorable they are!


I do love my kids and singing, not wearing make-up, making to-do lists that usually never get fully done, selfies when I’m feeling it, my twin nieces who will be 17 in January, the idea of yoga, daily naps, when people say they’ve cried after reading something I wrote (terrible, but I love it), Thursday nights thanks to Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, walking a ridiculous amount of steps in a week’s time (my current best is over 100,000) and the Cavs.  

And ice cream.  And being blonde.  And my iPhone.  

And I also really love this blog which is why I figured if you were new to it, I should help point you in the right direction to some of my more popular posts.


What They Should Have Told Me Before I Rescued My Pit Bull is the most popular article I’ve ever written.  And probably ever will write.  It got picked up by Huffington Post and was even featured on Yahoo’s homepage for a few hours.  I remember my mom calling me to ask if I was sitting in front of my computer.  I was.  And there it was… trending on Yahoo.  My five minutes of fame.  I actually had another article trend on Yahoo for a minute, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as this one.

These next four articles rank in the top 5 most popular posts of all time, following What They Should Have…. of course.

I’m shocked some of these have landed in the top 5 most popular of all time.  But deep down, I am a self-help guru trying to emerge as a dog/mom blogger so I guess it makes some sense.

The 5 most popular posts for the last 30 days are as follow…

Two things to point out: that pit bull article really will be the best thing I’ve ever written and will you look at that, a few more self-help pieces made their way to the top.  How?!  I’m a dog blogger!

Below are a few of my personal favorite posts I’ve written thus far:

As you can tell, some are publish-worthy pieces and some are fun, quirky posts.  

I Should Hate You, But I Don’t is a piece I’ve contemplated removing from here many times due to how personally deep and honest it is, but have decided to let it stay.  Maybe it will help someone.  Maybe it will remind me to be grateful for where I am.  It is also featured on Jennifer Pastiloff’s website, The Manifest-Station.

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom on Summer Break was published on Huffington Post.  As was The Shape of His Head Does Not Determine The Size of My Dog’s Heart.  And What I’ve Learned From My Pit Bull: Love Takes Time, which is not featured on Along Came a Dog.

I can’t remember a time when pen and a pad of paper weren’t in my hands.  Writing has always been my most favorite pastime.  I dreamed of writing books, poems, songs, plays, newspaper articles since I was a kid so this is my way of attempting to make those dreams happen.  I know a lot of my pieces are heavy, wordy little things but storytelling is where my heart is.  

I hope you connect with some of these stories and if you do, please feel free to share.

And, of course, if you want to see daily pictures of two really ridiculously awesome and cute dogs head over to our Facebook Page.  Lily and Romeo will be waiting :)


-Ashley, XO